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Are you ready to embark on a poignant journey that celebrates the resilience of one extraordinary woman? Prepare to be captivated by "Shadows of Strength," a compelling tale that delves into the challenges faced by Karrington Lewis.

Karrington entered high school with high hopes and an exceptional academic record. However, during her junior year she encounters obstacles in her history class and experiences an uncomfortable encounter with Rich Johnson, the football team's star quarterback. Little does she know their paths will cross again in the future.

Beyond the school walls, Karrington's personal life takes a significant turn when her beloved grandmother, her pillar of support, is diagnosed with cancer. Witnessing her grandmother's unwavering strength becomes a source of inspiration and pain for Karrington, instilling in her the courage to confront life's hardships head-on.

As Karrington navigates the complexities of her daily existence, unexpected complications arise involving Rich and his ex-girlfriend, Diedre. Faced with accusations and misunderstandings, Karrington assures Diedre that her intentions are pure, and she is not pursuing Rich romantically. Surprisingly, Rich displays remarkable maturity and offer his sincere apologies.


Years pass, and Karrington's life takes an unforeseen twist. After graduating from college she reconnects with Rich, who becomes her future husband. It is during this time that Karrington faces her own battle against cancer, testing her resilience once again.


Karrington's world crumbles s the people closest to her cannot be there to support her. Rich realizes he can't handle the situation and leaves Karrington alone to fight her battle.

Join Karrington as she embarks on a remarkable journey of self-discovery an resilience. In "Shadows of Strength" you'll witness a young woman's determination to triumph over adversity and draw strength from hr innermost depths. Get ready to be captivated by a tale that will inspire and move you from beginning to end.





The first time I read Broken Pieces by Beryl Anthony Brackett I was floored. The story captivated me and held me in place until the end. I found myself intrigued by the characters. Outstanding story!


Manager Partner

The Lyfe Magazine

I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great story! Bethany's spiritual journey - exploring grief, despair, family, friendship, salvation, addiction, the struggle between good and evil, humor.... It's all in there! Great story! 



Reading Specialist

Broken Pieces, the book is a riveting account of what seems to happen when it appears that God has taken everything and everyone from you. It was an enjoyable and easy read.   


Israel Total Life Ministries

Event Coordinator

In The Press



Beryl Anthony Brackett is a native of Auburn, Alabama. Upon graduating high school, she attended Auburn-University Montgomery, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. A very strong proponent of education, Beryl would go on to complete two Master’s degrees. She attended Central Michigan University earning an MS in Administration and Clarion University where she earned a Master’s degree in Library Science. She currently serves as a Media Specialist in the Prince George’s County Public School System, where she introduces young readers to the exciting world of books and desires to instill a lifelong love of reading in each child.

She is an author of several books, including her childhood story, “Missing Daddy.” She and her son, Ryan, are authors of the children’s series Leah Grace. Beryl was inspired to publish a book for her grandchild and pitched the idea to Ryan, a talented writer. The first installment in the series is Leah Grace Bedtime Adventures. This story takes readers on an adventure to get Leah Grace into bed and falling fast asleep.

Beryl loves the written word, and she created BAB Reviews to provide book editing and publishing services. Through these services, she mentors and helps new authors navigate the complex task of putting their thoughts on paper and ultimately leading to a published book.

Although Beryl loves writing books, her heart is in writing inspiring stage plays. At the top of her bucket list is to showcase one of her plays at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. She has written over a dozen plays and has produced three in Waldorf, MD. They include the adaptation of her book, Missing Daddy; Have You Seen Him?; and It Could Have Been Me! Beryl desires to provide a fully immersed emotional experience for her audience. She wants to entertain and provide hope and an uplifting message as she highlights various life experiences and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Beryl currently lives in Maryland with her husband, Taurus. They have three adult sons, Taurus II, Ryan, and Aaron, as well as daughter-in-law, Shardey, and granddaughter Leah Grace.

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