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BAB Editing Services

At BAB Reviews, our mantra "Inspiring Authors… One Word at a Time” is our stated mission to contribute insight by providing informative reviews for indie authors at an affordable price.




Whether you are an aspiring playwright, a seasoned author, or are a beginning novelist, let BAB Reviews help by providing manuscript editing services (copy editing/proofreading, critical/editorial reviews) for your latest projects:


  • Novels, novellas, and short stories

  • Plays and screenplays

  • Poems and collections of poetry

  • General nonfiction (memoirs, biography, self-help, etc.)

  • Chapters or passages of longer fiction and nonfiction works


Our Manuscript Editing Services combine developmental editing and copy editing to improve your draft by cleaning up your writing structure, grammar and punctuation, so that you can concentrate on the creative process. 


For fiction, we look closely at plot, characterization, dialogue, and other elements. For nonfiction, we look at the support for your arguments, the organization of your manuscript, and the clarity of your prose. And for manuscripts of any genre, we review your writing for stylistic and mechanical issues, ensuring consistency and providing constructive feedback. 




  • Line-by-line editing of your manuscript to improve clarity, organization and flow, while maintaining your authorial (creative) voice, giving you a stronger, much improved manuscript tailored to your target audience

  • Corrections of spelling and grammar errors, typos and inconsistencies

  • Tracked version controls, so that you can see/review all of our changes, giving you complete creative control

  • Suggestions to improve the style, tone, point-of-view, word choice, and sentence structure of your manuscript

  • Extensive critical commentary, indicating where arguments need more support, where the storyline or flow could be improved, indications where there are unfinished or contradictory thoughts... and more

  • Indications of what is not working in your manuscript and areas that can be improved

  • Personalized editor notes that provide a summary of the work that has been done as well as highlighting next steps for your manuscript. 

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