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  • Beryl Brackett

Picking the Right Main Character

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Picking the right main character for your novel can be very tricky. You want to make sure that the character you chose can carry the story line. Your tip for today is when you chose your character, make sure your character is interesting and has all the bells and whistles to carry the story.

Having a story that will keep readers turning the page depends on how the character is depicted and how well they connect with the reader. As you create your masterpiece, ask questions like, does the main character or protagonist draw them in? Are they involved in the setup, problem, and consequence of the story?

If you develop a character and that character does not interact in dialogue and is in the story's background, then I suggest you think of how you can recenter the story around the main character? That means that the character you chose cannot carry the story line.

In order to make sure that your character can carry the story line, rethink the theme. Yes, the theme. Every story should have a theme in order to connect with their audience. Most movies that we watch or books that we read have a theme. For example, if you are a big Harry Potter fan, most of his books are about death, friendship, privilege, and the power of love. The entire concept of the book centers on the various themes.

Stories are written so the main character can react to certain scenes in the story that no other character can. It can be personal. For instance. Think of it like this. This is a story that only the protagonist can tell, not the supporting characters. Make the character become human so the reader can relate to the character's conflict and resolution of the story.

In choosing a character, why is the theme important? The theme is important because you want the main character to be powerful. You want the main character to be well rounded. You also want the main character to set the tone of the story. Also, the story is told through the eyes of the main character. Telling your story through the eyes of the main character is very important to engage and inspire readers to continue to turn the pages.

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