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Broken Pieces

A powerful story about loss, grief, and the healing power of faith.

Smart, successful, and living a life of unwavering faith, Bethany Ann Christianson believes she has the perfect life. She stands proudly as a testament to her love of the Lord and her passion for her church.

But after a devastating tragedy strikes her family, Bethany’s life is thrown into chaos – and the faith that once seemed so real to her is shaken to the core. Spiralling out of control into a vicious cycle of grief and substance abuse, Bethany is forced to grapple with existential questions about her faith – and why God allowed the people she loved the most to be so cruelly ripped away from her.

Grappling with her darkest moments, Bethany fights to stop herself from losing her belief and becoming the person she swore she’d never be. Can she find a way out of her pit of despair? Or will she lose the last rays of hope and turn her back on God forever?

Perfect for fans of poignant and gripping Christian fiction, Broken Pieces is a heart-wrenching yet inspiring novel that stands as a testament to the power of faith and explores some of life’s toughest questions. Scroll up and grab your copy today.

Broken Pieces

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